Sunday, June 21, 2009

Smith's Country Cheeses

Okay, may as well get this out of the way early in the blog: I'm a cheese addict. Yes, it's true. If it's cheese, I'm on board. Everything is better with cheese, and I'm sure you'll see many, many recipes with cheese and cheese reviews from me in the future. I'm hoping to use this blog as an excuse to sample as many local cheeses as I can find! Today I thought I'd share with you one of my favorites: Smith's Country Cheese.

First, they have cheddar...the only local cheddar I can find. The sharp cheddar is so outrageously good. It's a little crumbly: cut a thin slice for a cracker and it may break in half. I love that! Cheddar shouldn't be a waxy mess the consistency of Velveeta! This cheddar is a little dry and so tasty. It's great with fruit or crackers, on nachos or quesadillas, or just eaten alone.

They really seem to be known for their gouda, though. Yesterday we tried a Garlic Gouda spread. Once again, amazing! The boys ate a TON, and for those of you familiar with my boys, having them eat any of anything is something of a miracle. My husband TK and I even got them saying "It's so GOOD-A!" (Yes, I'm not above cheesy jokes!)

Smith's cheeses are relatively easy to find in the Boston area. I usually get them at Roche Bros supermarket (though they don't carry any Smith's cheddar unfortunately, at least at my Roche Bros), Verrill Farm, or now making my summer exceptional, they sell it at the Waltham Fields CSA pick up. How convenient is that? Fresh veggies AND a cheese fix! We also got some at the Waltham Farmer's Market yesterday. Basically, if I see it somewhere, I'm buying it! Check their website for other locations where you can buy their cheese.


So what are your favorite New England cheeses? As I said, I'm looking to try as many different cheeses as I can!


  1. Artisan Cheese Sellers is new this year to the Winchester Farmer's Market and they had some yummy cheese!! They were already sold out of goat cheese by the time we got there so we picked up some gouda and it was delicious. They also do blue cheeses. I think they get the cheeses from various New England farms, not just one.

  2. I am now on a mission to find Smith's 4-year old cheddar.

    Rawson Brook Farm's Monterey Chevre, which is basically made in my back yard is the ultimate. I've never met one I didn't like, but I am partial to the chive and garlic. If you ever make your way out here, I'll take you to the farm where you can see the goats being milked if you show up aroud 5pm.

    In the meantime, I think you can find it at Bread and Circus.

  3. Oh, and I meant to post this link -