Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Great (E)Scape Part Deux

Okay, not one, but both of my parental units are master gardeners. My entire life up to this point has involved gardening to some degree (herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers too). But somehow, I've managed to avoid this delectable treat.

We were blessed with an abundance of garlic scapes in our CSA basket of goodies this week. I had already been eyeing this recipe and couldn't wait to hunker down in the kitchen for some quality time with my food processor. I pretty much followed the recipe with a few slight changes - I used white pepper instead of black, added the juice from half a lemon and totally bagged the drizzle of olive oil with salt on top when it was finished.

I consulted with my professional team of taste analysts (aka my colleagues) and it was unanimous. This recipe is finger-licking good (don't ask me how I know). This will definitely be on my list of favorites come garlic scape season each June. Oh, and I've already called the parental units to tell them how they've deprived me all these years.

Next - I can't wait to try WhataCard's recipe below for caramelized goodness!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Looks delish! I'll be trying this one, as soon as I get to the grocery store...

  2. I just made that exact same recipe for our Father's Day BBQ. What a hit! I'm trying pesto with our garlic scapes this week. Our CSA passed that recipe along. Easy as pie (and first time I ever used a food processor!)

  3. Okay, I made this one last night...yummy! It was SOOO garlicky, though. Not a problem, though we sure kept the vampires away!

  4. Hmmm, guess I should have put out a garlic alert on this one. It's amazing to me how garlicky this recipe is compared to carmelized (grilled) scapes. I know the bulbs mellow with roasting and all, but if you didn't tell me roasted scapes were "related" to garlic, I don't know that I'd guess!